How We Do Barbeque

Everything at Smokey J’s is handmade in house. From our sauce to the sausages, there are no preservatives or frozen products. All of our meat is rubbed down with brown sugar and our own secret spice rub then cooked fresh daily. The brisket and pulled pork are slow smoked for 12 hours using mesquite, maple and whiskey barrel wood chips. The pulled pork can come wet or dry meaning it gets dipped in a tangy, peppery North Carolina style sauce or gets a dusting of our spice rub. The ribs get the same rub and wood chips but are smoked for two hours and so we make them twice a day. My personal favorite, the chickens, have the longest process. They’re brined for twelve hours, soaked in water for one hour, then cold smoked for forty-five minutes with whiskey barrel and maple chips. Finally, they are slow roasted in the rotisserie for two and a half hours.

If we sell out of meat, we close and start the process again for the next day. Any meat left over gets ground up and put into the chili. So when you ask what meat goes into the chili, I promise you this is no cheap ground chuck product. It’s a brisket, pulled pork, chicken and rib chili.

The hotlinks and poultry sausages are made in house. The hotlinks are made from brisket, pork butt, our spice rub and cayenne pepper. The poultry sausage is turkey and chicken, pepper, sage and brown sugar. Both get cured in the fridge over night, then are smoked for about an hour using whiskey barrel, maple, and mesquite wood chips.

The collard greens, baked beans and chili are made from a chicken and pork broth that utilizes all of our leftover bones. The fries are hand cut and fried twice in beef tallow. The potato salad gets pork jowls that we cure and smoke ourselves so they taste just like bacon.

We use certified Angus brisket and Seaboard Farms all natural pork. Our meats come from Del Monte, a small family-owned meat distributor based in Oakland. Because of Del Monte’s high standard of excellence, they are the only licensed distributor of Niman Ranch products and the main supplier of Berkeley Bowl. All of our produce comes from Berkeley Bowl. If you are ever there early, you will probably see Josh loading up the truck with cases of veggies!