Blackstone griddle 28″ vs 36″ reviews and buying guide of 2020

Nothing can compare to the flat top grills if you are fond of the outdoor cooking world, and when you want complete versatility along with practicality, then nothing can compare to the Blackstone grills. The brand is famous for providing one of the best-selling grills in the USA regardless of any type, but we are comparing two of them today later in this section.

A review is not only meant to highlight the positive aspects of a particular product, but it must also cover the negative features so that people can get the maximum benefit out of it. Based on the multiple Blackstone griddle reviews, we are going to present a detailed review of the product in the following manner:

  • Overview of the Blackstone brand
  • Comparison of features of Blackstone griddle 28″ and 36″
  • Pros of Blackstone griddle 28″ and 36″
  • Cons of Blackstone griddle 28″ and 36″
  • Better of the two

Overview of the Blackstone brand

Blackstone was established in 2005 with the objective of uniting friends and family over deliciously prepared food. Specifically, they needed to carry products to the market that had a level of culinary greatness that different brands needed. The Blackstone level top flame griddle is really the absolute first item they dispatched! Since the time 2005, their Griddle has been their flagship item and a best seller. The first design was extraordinary, yet after some time, they’ve kept on making tweaks to improve the item. Blackstone’s products are designed in the USA. No modest assembly lines from different countries and the results show in the nature of their products.

As far as useful inherent features go in most of their products, there are two collapsing side shelves and trays for additional work and serving space while you cook. Business-grade locking caster wheels are kitted on the lower part of the truck, which makes transporting and securing your Griddle super easy. An inherent lock is also set up to secure your propane tank to your barbecue. You don’t need to stress over stumbling over the hose or anything like that – it’s completely kept in one clean spot. Clean-up is one of those topics that numerous individuals either don’t consider or ignore when contrasting grills. It’s one of the most significant considerations, however, and your level top barbecue should be easy to clean so that you can limit the time you need to spend doing it.





1. Blackstone griddle 28"

  • Restaurant style cooking
  • Replace your standard grill
  • Transport with easy
  • Durability and longevity
  • Controlable heat zone
  • Easy assembly, and quick ignition button.
  • Griddle top is easily removable
  • Four independently controlled burners
  • Four industrial strength, caster wheels
  • Solid stainless Steel burners for long life

Comparison of features of Blackstone griddle 28″ and 36″

Following is a list of features on behalf of which we will be going to conduct Blackstone griddle 28″ vs 36″ review:

Similarities and differences in design

Let’s talk about the design similarities first. Both griddles run on liquid propane. They look rugged and are long-lasting. In addition to this, they have a thick steel frame that works perfectly for outdoor environments. The best part is, the steel frame has a powder coating, which protects the frame from any sort of scratches and rust. In addition to this, the cooking surface of both the griddles has cold rolling that is helpful for distributing the heat evenly for a great cooking experience. It also keeps your food warm even when you turn off the burner.

For the differences, we can start with the measurements. The 28″ Griddle has a measurement of 44.5″ by 19.5″ by 33.5″ with a weight of 75 pounds. On the other hand, the 36″ inch griddle has a measurement of 40″ by 25″ by 14.5″ and has a weight of 136 pounds, which means 36″ is heavy and has a larger size than the 28″ griddle. Also, the 26″ Griddle has less only two shelves while the 36″ Griddle has three shelves, which provides wider space for cooking. Also, you can enjoy the features of a removable cutting board and garbage bag hook with the 36″ griddle.

Portability difference

The 28″ and 36″ Griddle has slightly different portability. The 28″ Griddle has two wheels on two of its legs from four while the 36″ Griddle has four wheels on four of its legs. The 28″ Griddle has non-wheeled legs that are foldable, and the handle on the other side made it easy for the users to move the Griddle. Also, you can store it anywhere by folding the legs. The 36″ Griddle is also very easy to move, but due to its large size, it is hard to transport it for camping or other such factors as compared to 28″. Although it has wheels on four legs, the legs are foldable.

Burner’s difference

The 36″ Griddle has four burners, contrasted with the two burners on the 28″ unit. The 36″ has four stainless steel burners that are controlled separately. In general, the 36″ Griddle will give a sum of 60,000 BTU while the 28″ Griddle has an absolute yield of 30,000 BTU. Since the 28″ Griddle has two burners, it means that you will just have two different cooking zones, which can be exceptionally restricting if you want to take care of a gathering of a huge number of people. Then again, the 36″ unit offers four cooking zones with four burners. Here, you will have the occasion to cook foods with variable warmth and have the option to cook substantially more of it.

The difference in the cooking experience

Ordinarily, the 36″ Griddle will permit you to cook lots of food at one go, while the 28″ Griddle is somewhat restricted because of restrictions in cooking space and just having two burners. In spite of the fact that the 28″ is promoted as having the option to cook for up to six individuals, it is truly just intended for four. There is no such issue with the 36″ because of its more generous cooking region and twofold the measure of burners. The 36″ Griddle also has the high ground on how it minimizes the grease on the cooking surface. The Griddle has been designed with a back grease, the board system. There is a devoted opening at the posterior of the cooking surface that acts like a smaller than usual waste system. This eliminates the excess grease from the cooking zone. These slick features mean you don’t need to stress as a lot over clearing off the excess grease from your Griddle as you do with the 28″. However, the 28″ Griddle does have grease the board system, yet it’s just not as user-accommodating. The grease the board system on the 28″ is in front, and it directs the grease to an appended grease cup.

Taste and flavor

The Blackstone Griddle 28″ allows you to take a shot at the ideal batches of food, which is superior to what you can do on a greater flame broil. It also helps if you take as much time as necessary and get ready two batches of food on the Griddle, you would then be able to utilize the 28 inches worth of cooking space, this askew length is ideal for planning medium to small amounts of food, while ensuring none of the food is overlooked or undercooked.

On the other hand, the biggest advantage of the Blackstone Griddle 36 is that it offers you to cook a lot of meat, vegetables, and anything you wish to barbecue in the blink of an eye, without eliminating the juices or the moisture inside of the nourishment for the best tasting, flash cooked hot food.


Blackstone 28 inches griddle has black powder steel, which makes cleaning easy. It offers just two caster wheels; it is foldable like the Griddle 36. Both have huge steel frames for long life and to resist breakage or harm. They rush to assemble and easy to move around, shift, or even port somewhere else.

The Blackstone Griddle 28 offers a separate removable grease cup to store the excess fat and sauce you don’t need from the top cooking surface. This makes it simple to toss out and tidy up after each use. When contrasted with the Griddle 36, this is somewhat more muddled. The cleaning process needed by Griddle 36 is less messy. The holder to hold grease can be any plate of your decision, and you can follow simple and standard barbecue cleaning steps to finish the cleaning process in the time you have and not more.

Pros of Blackstone griddle 28″ and 36″

The positive aspects of Blackstone griddle 28″ includes:

  • Durability
  • No smoke
  • Easy assembling
  • Easy to move

The positive aspects of Blackstone griddle 36″ includes:

  • Easy assembling
  • Huge grilling space
  • Fast cleanup

Cons of Blackstone griddle 28″ and 36″

The negative aspects of Blackstone griddle 28″ includes:

  • Grease dripping system
  • Does not have a drain funnel tip at the end of the channel

The negative aspects of Blackstone griddle 36″ includes:

  • Grease drainage is frustrating

Blackstone griddle 28"

Blackstone griddle 36"

Better of the two

After we have conducted a detailed Blackstone griddle review based on the Blackstone griddle 36″ reviews and Blackstone 28″ reviews, we can conclude that people who want to cook for a huge group of people at once should go for 36″ due to its huge size while the others can go for 28″. Other than that, they both provide excellent cooking experience.

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