Made In Cookware: Hands-On Review

Buying high-quality cookware means you would have to spend big bucks. And that is why people roam around the market and check various brands to be sure that they are picking up the best product and having the right value for their money. With such a monotonous and high price range from a prestigious and well-established brand, it is hard for a new brand to make its mark. Nonetheless, we have spotted a new cookware brand that has recently grabbed our attention. And we are talking about Made In Cookware.

  • What did We order?

We have recently tried the stainless steel set “The Starter” by Made In. This set has 6 pieces including a 5-quart stockpot with lid, 2-quart saucepan with lid, and a 10″ fry pan. This set is currently available for under $ 400 and the brand also gives you ease to pay the price in easy installments. We find this installment option pretty incredible. Now coming to the product, the stainless steel material looks pretty fine and seems durable, and the craftsmanship of all the utensils was amazing. We find the whole set useful, durable, and of high quality. To find out about how it performed and what we like and dislike, carry on reading our in-depth review.

  • Our Shopping Experience from the Made In Website

The Made In website gave us a wholesome shopping experience. The site is well managed, superbly informative and it is exceptionally easy to go through different products. What we love the most on the website was the inclusion of customer reviews. Reading about the experience of previous customers is very useful and necessary, especially when it comes to online shopping.

The site also featured a blog sharing information about the brand and its products. Plus, the FAQ page can be helpful if you are wondering about anything about the brand. I highly recommend surfing the site to know the story and team of Made In.

Before making our purchase, we found out that Made In manufacture all its products in the US. The whole process, starting from scratch from metals to creating the final product is don on the US soil. They said that “We…recognize that we have a unique opportunity to build Made In from scratch, responsibly. We’re proud to work with our U.S. manufacturers who both employ people in their communities and are environmentally conscious.” Having compassion for the growth and sustainability of your community is great and we loved that.

  • First Impressions

The first thing one notices after pulling the whole set out of the packaging is the premium quality and gorgeous outlook of this cookware. Once you pick them up, the stainless steel body feels sturdy, strong, and durable. Intricate and attractive detailing such as rivets and patterns on the bottom of each pan reflect the care and attention with which Made In make its products. Coming to the handles of the stockpot, the shape and stamping of these are remarkable, surely a treat for someone who likes some aesthetically attractive and pleasing designing on their kitchen utensil. One last thing that caught our attention, at first sight, was eco-friendly tags. We love the amazing concept of eco-friendly tags by Made In. You can put these tags under the soil and grow basil.

When you flip the cookware, you will see specific information on the bottom, and I loved that.

Here is some additional information about the Made In cookware!

  • These are made with up to 5 layers of aluminium and stainless steel.
  • These are oven safe and induction compatible.
  • You will get a lifetime warranty for all cookware.
  • These are dishwasher safe, however, hand washing is recommended.

How Was My Cooking Experience?

I took my time on looking at the design, outlook, and details of the cookware. And then I thought to put the pots to test. So, now after unwrapping and having a close look at everything, let’s talk about our cooking experience.

Let me say this first that everything cooked wonderfully well and I loved cooking in new cookware. I used the pan first and fried a couple of eggs. It was quite difficult for me to do on my previous stainless steel frying pan. However, it wasn’t the case with this one. The pan quickly heated up and my fried eggs cooked perfectly. And the handles remained cool to easily touch.

Another thing that I enjoyed was the tightly fitting stainless steel lids that came with both saucepan and stockpot. My previous cookware set had glass lids, so it seemed a nice little change. In addition to perfectly fitting lids, the bottom surface is also smooth and perfectly made as it sat flatly on the stove.

In addition to frying, I had no problems with simmering or boiling either. Everything cooked perfectly and cookware performed flawlessly. Overall, I had a great cooking experience with high quality Made In stainless steel cookware set. I was pleased to note useful tips that Made In displayed on the website in the form of infographics to make it easy to cook in the stainless steel cookware. It was really helpful going through these tips before starting using the set.

Cleaning it Up!

Cleaning up this set has been super easy and seamless as everything clean up like breeze. I’m used to washing my dishes with hand and I hand washed the Made In cookware as well. Every pot and pan cleaned up quickly and easily, and I didn’t have to scratch up anything as nothing stuck up during cooking. Plus, the cookware comes out clean as new after every wash. Surely, everything went well every time, but not just once.

And this was when my husband decided to cook some delicious hashbrowns for himself. Let me tell you that my husband had no experience of cooking in stainless steel cookware. So, as expected the whole experience didn’t go as planned. Well, it’s not on the Made In cookware, for sure, rather I blame (with a heavy heart) my husband here. What he left me with was a total mess in the pan as the potatoes were stuck on the surface. To my amazement, it was easy scratching off these stuck remains of the potatoes than what I had to do while cleaning up my previous stainless steel cookware.

After cleaning it up, I saw a little rainbow staining and some discoloration on the pan. The next thing I did was that I used cleaning powder by Made In that was included in the package. This worked like a magic and I got my shiny pot back.

What We Like

You might have guessed it already that I love everything about this premium-quality cookware. And why not! The Made In brand goes above and beyond in making satisfying their customer and in providing high-quality products. I admire Made In’s excellent customer service, its thorough and easy to surf the website, and how much this brand give attention to the details. I can go on and on, so why not make a list of all the pros. Here are a few of its pros that made me its big fan,

  • Thoughtful Design

All the cookware is superbly designed and made with good quality material. Every pot was heavy and sturdy to hold and also seemed durable. All in all, rivets, construction of the cookware, handles, and everything screamed class, quality, and brilliance.

  • Price Range

Surely, I can’t say that it is not expensive. But when you compare its quality and amazing features with the high-end brands offering similar products but at the sky-high price range, then Made In surely seems comparatively feasible. Like others, if you compare it with All-Clad which offers reasonably priced products, you’ll find Made In less pricy than that.

  • Versatile Functioning

The design and material of this cookware make it easy to use in the oven. And you can safely place it on any type of cooking top including induction stoves. Its versatility allows you to cook anything and everything in this pan easily.

  • Made In. the US

If you are someone like me who tends to buy products with a “Made in US” label, you surely have had a difficult experience in finding such stuff, and if you come by such products they are usually expensive. Made In is very clear in this regard and clearly states where and who manufacture which of their products. Check out the website to find out in detail about specific products.

  • Customer Service

Made In offers incredible customer service. The staff is always there to address the issues and needs of the customers and satisfy them. With excellent and responsive customer service and a thoroughly informative website, shopping becomes exceptionally easy.

What We Dislike

Ii surely recommends Made In with all my heart, but I must tell you about little issues that I faced with Made In cookware.

  • Price Range

You might be saying that I have listed price in the pros list, which is fine. But I know that surely it is a good investment and this cookware will go a long way, still buying it may kick some home cooks out of budget. And it is important to acknowledge everyone.

  • Pre-set Sets

I have purchased the “Starter Set” and I’m not quite happy with the sizes of the pans.  The “Starter set” as the name indicates is best suited for the beginners and will certainly be a good fit for a family of four. But still, some different sizes could be included. In my opinion, it is better to go for individual pieces.

Now if you are wondering about the non-stick products by Made In, unfortunately, I can’t give you firsthand experience in that regard as I have only used stainless steel cookware. However, considering the customer reviews posted on the website, the nonstick cookware is highly recommended and is loved by the customers. And as I have had an amazing experience with stainless cookware, I will surely give a try to the nonstick cookware by Made In.

Final Thoughts

I’m super happy that I have tried Made In because it is quite difficult to invest in something you have not heard about enough. But, now as I have used it and loved my cooking experience and I’m happy to recommend this brand to you all as well.

In a nutshell, Made In cookware is worth investing in. You get the value of your money. And this brand truly acknowledges all its customers. Made In’s direct business to the customer model gives the best value of money to the customers. And as all its products are made in the US, that adds tons to its appeal for several shoppers.

Made In also offer free shipping for its customers in the United States. And top of it, Made In offers, no-questions-asked 45 days trial on the first order. This reflects Made In’s trust in its products. Plus, you won’t be risking anything if you are confused about the quality, price, or anything.

Lastly, I would say that do check out these sets or single pieces. It seems wise to test single pieces first and if you love it (as much as I do), then build your stock one by one. It definitely is a great investment.

P.S: Made In also sells lids separately, which is a big deal (and you know it).

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