Pit Boss 700FB Review

The Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill has an amazing cooking space that will give you the best cooking experience ever. You can enjoy grilling using this pellet grill because it gives you the freedom of choice for the pellets that you can use with it.

Have you ever thought about enjoying the grilling in your backyard with your whole family but due to smaller sized pellet grills, you always have to cancel the plan? With the Pit Boss 700FB, you can now enjoy your family time without any hassle. In addition to this, it has multiple other features also.

We are going to conduct a detailed review of this pellet grill so that you can decide whether it’s a good choice for your needs or not. For the ease of our readers, we have divided the review into the following sections:

  • Overview of Pit Boss 700FB
  • Features of Pit Boss 700FB
  • Pros of Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill
  • Cons of Pit Boss 700FB

Overview of Pit Boss 700FB

This pellet grill has a huge cooking surface area. It means you can enjoy grilling your food over an area of 700sq inches. In addition to this, the cooking surface has cast-iron material along with a second-tier rack so that a group of four to six people can easily enjoy grilling the food without any issue about the cooking space. Also, you can alter the cooking temperature between 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can cook anything you want using this pellet grill. However, if you need lower cabinets or side shelves, then you have to spend a little more on these accessories as the Pit Boss 700FB doesn’t come with these accessories.

Features of Pit Boss 700FB

Following is a list of features of Pit Boss 700FB:


The performance of Pit boss 700FB is very good according to the number of reviews given by various users. Other than the expensive pellet grills, the Pit boss 700FB has its own pellet grills, which works very well for smoking, grilling, baking, and other such tasks. In addition to this, it has wood pellets that you can use to enjoy cooking your food, and also for the most amazing and delicious flavors. Also, it provides an amazing cooking experience to the maximum number of users. Therefore, the next time you will think of getting a pellet grill with high performance, never overlook the Pit boss 700FB.

Cooking area

One of the most attractive features of this pellet grill is its huge cooking area. People are usually fed up with the smaller cooking areas of most of the pellet grills, and the one with the larger areas is very expensive. Therefore, the best option in such circumstances is to get the Pit boss 700FB. It has a cooking area of 700sq. Inches, which means you can cook for a huge family, or in other words, we can say that you can at once prepare around 20 burger patties using it. Also, the cast iron cooking grate is coated with porcelain that you can use it without getting worried about the cleaning procedure afterward.


Pit boss 700FB wood fired pellet grill has a weight around 53kgs after full assembling. It means you can easily take it with you during traveling or other such factors. It has an amazing size also so that you can enjoy cooking on this pellet grill along with a whole group of friends anywhere. However, other than this, Pit boss smokers are not portable due to their huge size. You can take it along with you by rolling the cast iron wheels, but then you can only transport it to someplace nearby, and it is not recommended to port it to farther places using this method.

Temperature adjustment

There is an external knob on the 700FB pellet grill that you can use to adjust the temperature. It means the temperature can be adjusted very easily by only moving the knob outside the hopper. You must be thinking, how you can get the idea if the temperature is actually the same that you have set through the knob. For this purpose, there is an LCD screen where you can see the temperature in digital format so that you can set the temperature once and then forget about it, which makes the operation easy and comfortable for you. After setting the temperature, the hopper will release the wood pellets into the lower area where the electric starter will burn them when necessary.

Design and dimensions

Pit boss 700FB has an amazing design. The heavy gauge of the pellet grill is coated with porcelain so that you can use the grill for a longer duration without getting worried about its durability. In addition to this, it has a digital control knob and an LCD screen so that you can easily adjust the temperature. For the dimensions, we can say that it has a length of 43 inches so that anyone can cook while standing without hurting his/her back. In addition to this, it has a width of 25 inches, which means you can easily enjoy cooking using it in your backyard.


700FB pellet grill has amazing quality. It has a huge number of satisfied consumers, which means you can buy this grill without getting worried about any of its features. It has cooking grids that are very easy to clean due to their durable and amazing design. In addition to this, it doesn’t affect the quality of cooking even at high temperatures. You can enjoy cooking using it at any temperature. There are many positive reviews about the “easy to handle” and “easy to clean” points about this pellet grill, so it’s definitely a “yes” for its quality.

Fuel source and warranty

The fuel source, as we have talked before, is entirely hardwood pellets. For the best experience, always go for the pellets made of Pit boss brand because they have multiple blends from where you can choose the one that is best for you or that works best according to your atmosphere and temperature. You might get surprised to know that choosing the wrong pellet can entirely change the taste of your food, so it is necessary to choose it with proper care. You can fill the hopper of the grill with 21lbs of pellets, and on average, it burns 2lbs when you are cooking on a medium or high temperature. In addition to this, the Pit boss 700Fb has a warranty of five years. It means you can enjoy cooking using this grill without getting worried about its functioning. Any damage can result in the entire warranty of the product in no time.

Wood pellet variety

By reading the title, you might get surprised to know that there is a huge variety of wood pellets that you can use with the Pit boss 700FB pellet grill. However, it only looks amazing, but deep inside, there is always a doubt that what if we get the wrong pellet. The reason is, every pellet has an impact on the taste of your food. Many chefs use different pellets for cooking different types of food, but for this purpose, you must be a professional in this field. For the best experience, always go with the pellets that you have already tried so that you don’t have to suffer afterward.

Safety features

The pit boss 700FB has an electric ignition mechanism. It means you can safely light up the fire without thinking twice about the lighting up process. Also, the temperature can be adjusted according to your requirements and that too, with the help of a knob and a digital LCD. There is a power button on the machine that you can use for heating it up, and that can also be used to cool it down after the cooking. It works best for families that have little children. Also, the cast iron racks with porcelain coating make it easy to distribute the heat evenly across the whole area., and the coating is also safe to use and durable.

Pros of Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill

Following is a list of positive aspects of Pit boss 700FB pellet grill:

  • It has a huge cooking space that covers around 700 sq inches of space.
  • It has a digital burn system that is easy to handle and easy to operate.
  • It has heavy-duty steel so you can cook without getting worried about the burning issues.
  • It has a flame grilling plate.

Cons of Pit Boss 700FB

The negative aspects of the Pit boss 700FB include:

  • You have to buy the wood pellets separately with this grill because they are not included in the package.
  • It requires a short break-in time.


We hope this review is helpful for your next grilling experience. If you enjoyed this model and something stood out that we haven’t mentioned, be sure to drop a comment below about the Pit Boss 700FB. Happy smoking!

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